Chain of Smart Things

Smart Things Smart Power

What is OCE?
OCE is a public chain ecosystem standing on the shoulders of "AI + IoT"
What makes OCE different?
  • Support Closed Loop Transactions

    Tracking both tokens and other contents to allow for token-content transactions to work on the same system

  • AI from the First Day

    Baking AI into OCE from an early stage, aiming to create an intelligent system that allows for sustainable improvements

  • Foundation for IoT + Blockchain

    Distributed trust framework, distributed storage framework, distributed computing framework and other chain-based frameworks are modularized and built into OCE to support various business scenarios

  • Mining by participation

    Getting paid not only by adding blocks but also by sharing your extra resources, voting for the DApp you want and even by joining the OCE network. Every activity on OCE you participate in will get you paid