The OCE Ecology

OCE aims to build a trusted ecological system that brings customers, service providers and manufacturers together and uses OCE token to realize value of data

A Ecosystem connects everyone

The loose connectivity between participants of IoT field leads to a lot of problems including high industry cost, isolated data, underestimated data value, long project cycle, insensitive feedback, etc.. OCE aims to build a system that can quickly complete value exchange and connect people closely to solve those problems effeciently, and to help every participants acquire value in a novel way

OCE can help customers to:

  • Use IoT devices to carry out soft mining to get tokens
  • Acquire ownership of self-generated content, and then exchange them with tokens on platform realizing the value of the content.
  • Participate in business spooned votes, investigations etc. to get token
  • Exchange tokens for value provided by other value-added services

OCE can help businesses to:

  • Use OCE token as collateral to carry out pre-order and crowdfunding of IoT devices
  • Use OCE token to pay for integration, research and analysis of industry data
  • Release DApp directly to end users
  • Release Smart Contract to achieve voting or directional advertising

OCE Token carries value

OCE token is the basic currency in the OCE ecosystem with a finite total number of 10 billion, and will be distributed in 20 years. It works as the medium of exchange in the system, carrying values circulating on the chain.

With the releasing of the Token system based on the smart contract, the OCE token will be used as a bridge between internal system and external values, so as to provide users with more diversified value channels and provide DApp developers with a broaden business boundary

Oce Unit value
  • ️=

    Ecological total value

    Oce token count

  • ️=

    Count of nodes️×Data value×Frequency of transactions

    Oce token count