Empower your services with OCE

A blockchain is essentially an open ledger keeping data and their relationships. OCE provides flexible structures to make blockchain technology adaptive to various scenarios, enabling your services to reach their full potential.

Elastic Topology of Network

An elastic topology of network is critical for a distributed network connecting vast amount of devices with diversified abilities. Targeting a backbone of IoT, OCE devised a 4-layered structure to manage all devices, making the role of each node can be changed according to different tasks and scenarios, and each task can be handled by proper sub-network formed by different devices in parallel.

AI inject vigor into network

Managing vast amount of devices is beyond every human, but is best for machine. With sufficient data and training, AI has displayed incompetent performance, precision and resilience.

Network Optimization

Optimizes routes of network flow to ensure best throughput for different network status

Network Governance

Fits each node into OCE chain environment by adapting their parameters according to changes of the system

Consensus Protocol Varies, OCE Adapts

Different blockchains provide different Consensus Protocols with different characteristics to fit their best needs individually. But we facilitate different Consensus Protocols to meet your requirements. By introducing OCE Consensus Engine, Consensus Protocol get modulized for your Sub-Chain, thus can be selected and changed.

OCE AI Consensus

Reaching a consensus is not easy, especially when selecting a Consensus Protocol. With many transaction data collected together with system statistics in the early stage, OCE AI Consensus can help selecting the best Consensus Protocol for your service, even help evolving your Consensus Protocol on the fly.

Extending applications to the physical world

Smart contracts innovatively bring programmable applications to blockchains. Value exchanges and ownership tracking have never been easier. OCE smart contract pushes the boundary even further by enabling smart contracts to interact with an ever-increasing number of IoT devices. Through OCE smart contracts, users, blockchains, and the physical world can be connected together in novel ways that were not previously possible.

The intelligent smart contract platform

With the emergence of smart contracts, the complexity increase and security issues are not only the concerns of the blockchain developers but also application developers. By bringing in a more powerful smart contract, OCE as a platform is aware of its responsibilities to alleviate the burden on application developers. So we employ AI to assist in not only the creation but also the verification of smart contracts, targeting a better integration experience and a more secure environment.

Smart contract auto verification

OCE uses semantic analysis along with intelligent test case creation to test smart contracts automatically

Smart contract auto generation

After learning many well-tested user smart contracts, OCE smart contract AI can help developers to build contracts at a much higher level

A brand new bridge to OCE

JGW as one of our first-batch joining devices, bridges users to OCE chain conveniently and securely. And as a powerful devices, JGW can be a reliable everyday assistant and can participate OCE chain as a E-Node to mine OCE tokens for its owner.

  • Top Security System

    CFCA certificated financial security

  • Built-in Smartness

    AI and Neural Process Engine

  • Surf the internet without barriers

    Access OCE and other internet services at anytime from anywhere

  • Customized Blockchain OS

    Smartphone OS + Blockchain OS

  • Mobile Miner

    Mine OCE token with minimum effort

  • Personal Agent to OCE

    Save your OCE Identity without leaking your personal info

  • Warm wallet for digital assets

    Hot wallet and cold wallet into one